Who We Are In Spirit and Truth

The Sword of the Spirit is an international, ecumenical Community of disciples on mission for Christ, committed to supporting each other in living radical Christian lives. Our life together is marked by charismatic worship, grounded in music that is joyful, reverent, and scripturally-based.

In the continuing effort to encourage the song writers among us to use their talents for the Lord's work, we have gathered these 16 songs, all written by members of the Sword of the Spirit, and performed here by the talented musicians of our various university outreaches (many of whom wrote songs for the project as well).

It is our prayer that this music will be spiritually edifying, both to you individually and to the body of Christ as a whole; that these recordings would be an aid to making this music more accessible and that these songs will lead us as a people to worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth.